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the herb RosemaryWhat if you could make your Hammersmith Copper Cookware like new when needed? Even better, what if you could do it free of charge? Now you can!

Some say that tin-lined copper cookware is high-maintenance. We'll catch them later when they're ready to step-up their game. In the mean time there's plenty of dishwasher-safe Teflon® to go around. As with any tool you can make mistakes with copper cookware, like heating your pan with nothing in it (done it - hard way to learn that tin melts at 213°C (425°F)). But how did you learn how to cook - and so well? Bet you made lots of mistakes - the best only get to be the best by trial... and error (cuts, burns, sauce separations, flattened soufflés... ouch).

Need convincing of the advantages of going local? Try this: we'll warranty our tin lining against any damage, from mistakes or even normal wear and tear. Accidentally leave your $700 Hammersmith Stock Pot empty on a hot hob? No need to have a meltdown over your meltdown - we've got you covered. Finally wear through the hand-laid tin lining of your 3 quart Sauce after 10 years of continuous use? We'll spot you a new lining. No matter the circumstance or when you need it, will give you one complete retinning absolutely free of charge. You cover the shipping and we'll recover your pot. We'll even polish the copper up fresh (that is unless, like us, you love the patina).

How can we do what nobody else does? Well, it helps that we're just over the Williamsburg Bridge rather than across the big pond. Keeps our prices competitive, the views are better, and in Brooklyn we get away with stuff nobody else can. Seriously, though - being local, it's no trouble backing up our best-in-the-biz warranty. It also helps that we turn out the best copper cookware in the first place. Check out the full warranty here.

Simple. Done.
Use Hammersmith Copper Cookware and fear no more.

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You love to cook, and we're guessing

you're probably pretty good at it or
you'd be Googling something other
than copper cookware. That means

you're ready for your best recipes
to get even better - ready to stop
compensating for your gear and just rely on it -
without second-guessing, without thinking. You're ready for hand-made
Hammersmith Copper Cookware.

Street Sign saysWelcome to Brooklyn. How Sweet it is.

HAMMERSMITH COPPER COOKWARE comes to you from Brooklyn, New York...

...designed right here and hand-spun on original Waldow chucks. We're the last copper pot maker in America, and we're the best anywhere, regardless of price. We not only know pots, we know cooking - that's what got us into this business in the first place.

Artizan making a copper pot on a lathe with an original Waldow chuck. .090 gauge, H02 hard copper sheet being spun over an original Waldow 2 quart lathe chuck. The toolings and forms for the storied Waldow line cover 70 years of Brooklyn manufacturing history, and are now fully back in service to bring you Hammersmith Copper Cookware.



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Made by Individuals for Individuals

Every item in our range is completely unique. While each of our 1 quart sauce pans holds a full honest quart, spun from heavy .090 gauge copper and thickly hand-laid with pure tin, that's where the similarity ends. Every vessel Hammersmith Copper Cookware makes is the singular effort of one coppersmith, one tinsmith and one ironsmith, all steeped in skills perfected centuries ago and now available again locally. Now you can choose your pots just like you choose what goes in them - for the very best quality and close to home.

Simple, Organic, Elemental.

The only ingredients in our pots and pans are copper, tin and iron; Cu, Sn and Fe in the Periodic Table of the Elements. About as organic as it comes - unalloyed pure hardcore.

Copper is a necessary trace nutrient, but, like grandma used to say, you can have too much of a good thing. That's why smiths have been lining copper cookware with non-reactive tin for centuries. You never have to think about what could be going into your food other than what you put in the pot in the first place. Kind of as it should be... and was, not so long ago, along with getting the most from the least, solid returns on your investments, and getting something you could count on for your coin.

We know you'll love using our pots and pans. So will your kids, your grand kids, their kids... you'll pass your Hammersmith Copper Cookware on, along with the appreciation for fine cuisine that brings you to us in the first place.

Hammersmith Copper Cookware. It's the end of the upgrade cycle.

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