Deliciousness served

You’ve heard of Slow Food? This is where it happens. Three different sizes to accommodate dinner for two to family feasts. Your Brooklyn Copper Casserole is the tool for dishes such as Chili, Cassoulet, Coq au Vin, Jambalaya, Hoppin’ John… any of your favorite “low and slow” recipes.

From searing to deglazing to simmering, everything is easily controlled in pure, heavy copper and tin. You can gently sweat your mirepoix on super-low heat because every last BTU goes into the pot, not up the outside, and the extra heavy copper construction means hot-spots are soon to be a fading memory.

Casserole Features

  • BCC Casseroles are made and finished by hand. Please allow about 2 weeks for delivery
  • Covers sold separately
  • Pure, elemental metals
  • .125 (3mm) copper for gentle, slow braising and stewing
  • Heavy, hand-wiped tin lining
  • Solid copper rivets
  • Custom designed Stork cast-iron “ear” handles for easy lifting
  • Work toughened copper holds its shape
  • Low-tack on the lowest of flames
  • No chemical finishes or lacquers

“How can I describe how much I love this thing? I’m browning meat right now and right out to the edges of the floor it’s just steady, even heat. These babies lift off with just a little prodding, and deglazing practically puts a shine back on the tin. There are never any burned bits. With the cover I can gear basting and venting to get fall-apart proteins and vegetables with texture.”
– Steven J. Ft. Collins, CO