Exquisite functional design

Simple, elegant and designed to perfection. Cut from hardened 1.75mm copper and riveted to our own Stork-designed Stang handle. Your hand stays off the heat column, your cooking is precisely ventable, and your cover hangs neatly away when not in use – which will be rarely.

Cover sizes are made to fit multiple BCC pans for flexibility and to eliminate redundancy.


  • BCC Covers are made and finished by hand. Please allow about 2 weeks for delivery
  • Heavy, hand-wiped tin lining
  • Pure, elemental metals
  • Solid copper rivets
  • Custom Stork cast-iron Stang handle stays cool
  • No chemical finished or additives
  • 1.5mm-1.75mm copper to stay flat on pan surface
  • Ergonomic handle design enhances grip, optimizes stove space and handling
  • Opening in handle end makes for easy hanging storage

“At first I wondered about flat covers because they looked too simple to me. When you (Mac) explained why BCC makes them that way I took a chance on the 10” for my sauté. Now I’m a complete convert! A flat cover moves smoothly to wherever you need it, opening a little or a lot, never tippy or unstable. No wonder they’re traditional, “simple” ends up being smart (plus it looks amazing paired with its sauté and the other pots hanging in my kitchen)!
– Regina N., St. Cloud, MN