Pure metal in Brooklyn Copper Cookware

Nothing but pure metal

The only ingredients in our pots and pans are copper, tin and iron; Cu, Sn and Fe in the Periodic Table of the Elements. Our pure metal cookware is as unalloyed and organic as it comes.

Renewable copper cookware

100% Renewable

Tin-lined copper cookware can be renewed 100% good-as-new over and over again. Whether damaged or aged, copper cookware lined with tin can be restored time and again, making for a pot that will literally last centuries.

Your great-grandchildren will thank you.

Purified copper cookware from Brooklyn Copper Cookware

Upcycled, Purified and Reclaimed

Brooklyn Copper Cookware contains between 40 – 75% recycled pure copper. We have it milled to our specification so that it bonds perfectly with tin (itself substantially recycled, but far more variably). The portion that is not recycled is almost entirely smelted and milled in the US.

Cookware recommended by Slate.com

Open Source

“Also spare a thought for how the raw materials in your pots and pans were sourced. For example, it takes a lot of energy to refine aluminum, which accounts for the vast majority of top-of-the-range cookware sold in the United States. Mining and processing bauxite ore into a ton of aluminum takes about 91 gigajoules of energy. Compare that with 72 gigajoules for a ton of stainless steel from virgin sources and 32 gigajoules for a ton of copper.”
– Nina Shen Rastogi, Slate.com “For an Eco-Friendly Kitchen, Go for Copper, Cast Iron or Steel”

At BCC we endeavor to minimize our carbon footprint in every way possible, right down to our office (GreenDesk office sharing) and the company car (ZipCar car sharing). We believe that to get where we wish to go we have to know where we are. While copper cookware is by no means carbon-neutral, its multi-variant energy efficiencies, recycled content and infinite renewability certainly qualifies it as carbon-minimal.

Copperheads know
what we’re made of.

BCC followers pay close attention to every ingredient they cook with, including their cookware. We honor that attention by informing the decision to own BCC as fully as we can, spelling out what we do and how we do it (and even what we think about it) down to the rivets. We believe American companies can not only compete, but thrive on trust and by making real things – things we got right when we made them generations ago, and can make again, cleaner, more sustainably, and to last.

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