At Brooklyn Copper Cookware, we aren’t building a customer list. We’re nurturing a community of like-minded culinary enthusiasts who believe cooking vessels are legitimate ingredients in food preparation and who value quality and purity above all else. Copperheads are knowledgeable, passionate and fully committed to their craft. They enjoy gathering around our virtual kitchen table as chefs, foodies and hobbyists to share their skills and experiences with other Copperheads across the world.

Copperheads are not just pure metal enthusiasts – they also have the keys to acquiring BCC through our exclusive “selling windows” – the one or two times per year BCC is available for sale. We hand-make a few hundred pieces of BCC with each production run, and Copperheads know down to the minute when when new wares become available. You won’t see BCC advertised or for sale in normal retail outlets because, honestly, it’s all we can do to service the needs of even a part of the Copperhead community once or twice every year.

There are lots of advantages to this way of doing business; like anyone who loves to cook, we take our time and enjoy the process, and this makes for the best possible results. That’s a win for both you (the Copperhead) and for us (your pot dealer).

Want to join the crew? There’s always room for one more in our community – just click the sales notification link at the bottom of this or any page on the website.