Workhorses of the kitchen

Our best-seller by far, the copper saucepan is the mark of excellence in any batterie de cuisine. Copper’s ultra-fine heat distribution results in continuous, even currents inside the pan so starches and flavor elements do not settle out, adhere, over- or undercook, even in the lowest and longest of simmers. Even US quart capacities stoutly constructed and well, just utterly beautiful.

It’s time you had one, two or three.

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Saucepan Features

  • Covers sold separately
    • 1 qt saucepan- 5.5” flat cover
    • 2 qt saucepan- 6.75” flat cover
    • 3 qt saucepan- 7.5” flat cover
  • Work toughened copper for smooth, uniform cooking
  • Hand-wiped, heavy tin lining
  • Pure, elemental metals
  • Custom Stork cast-iron handle
  • No chemical lacquer finishes
  • Even quart capacities
  • Solid copper rivets allow copper and iron to expand and contract harmoniously.

“The 1qt saucepan and cover (which is ADORABLE… which is a weird thing to say about cookware, I know, but really, until you see it in person it’s hard to describe how beautifully cute this piece is (in addition to being a workhorse, of course)).”
– Chef Sherri Mitchell

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