If the classic batterie de cuisine has a foundation, this is it. The Brooklyn Copper Cookware Summer 2018 Set features the pieces that, no matter how far and wide a batterie is fated to range, are always included. We're offering them as a set to help you, or someone lucky enough to know you, get started on the right foot.

And for a limited time, your 5.5" Flat Cover is on us!

Our top-selling 9.5" Sauté and cover might be said to be the cooking vessel copper always wanted to be when it grew up - robust and generously proportioned,  super-fine heat distribution, best-of-class thermal efficiency, forgiving and renewable pure tin lining, and ready for its close-up with "foxy" Stork iron castings. The 9.5" Sauté is the most often gifted and repeat purchased among BCC customers.

Alongside the 9.5" Sauté, the 1 Quart Saucepan with cover carries all the best BCC family traits with every-day utility and quiet competence, ready when you are to, say, dial in perfect low-temp Hollandaise for your 8 Sauté-poached eggs. 

With just two pans and their companion covers you'll effortlessly star in brunch for four and so much more. Shallot-sautéed tenderloin and Sauce Espagnole, Risotto doused in Viognier and stock, Garlic-sautéed shrimp over basmati... with the BCC 9.5" Sauté and 1 Quart Saucepan with covers, you have primary tools by which your skills can become the meal you dream.