The ductile iron casting foundry that casts BCC handles uses the Roberts-Sinto process, which requires just three operators to manage a machine that is capable of producing thousands of castings from BCC’s match plates (casting tools). This is a lot faster, cleaner, safer and much less wasteful than hand-tipping a crucible of molten iron into a casting flask.

This is the first step in the precise manufacturing of BCC handles requiring skills passed down through generations in a small family business located in Plymouth, Indiana.

Even if the hot part of the iron casting process is now automated, each new handle is still individually treated and inspected to prepare it for its pot. Once cast, the metal has to be deburred and hand-finished to remove casting residues and sharp edges, and to ensure a uniform finish. Handles are carefully inspected and a light oil applied to protect them through the rest of the of the process including shipping.